This bird is amazing at peekaboo (video)

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Sometimes,life is chaotic,depressing or meaningless.But other times,birds learn how to play peekaboo.

This little cockatiel apparently has a habit of hiding under newspapers and surprising her friends with the game.But like,really,this bird is intentionally playing peekaboo.She even says "peekaboo."

I can'tnotbe happy while watching this.Next time something bad happens,I am running straight to this video.

Cockatielsare natural mimics,and they're really social.

"They like attention and handling," saysthe MSPCA-Angell,a humane organization (kind of weird to call an organization focusing on animals "humane,"am I right?But I pick my battles)."Single birds will become very dependent on their owners.If you will not be able to provide the much required attention and playtime,your cockatiel will need a friend."

This bird is amazing at peekaboo (video)
You can't not smile after watching this.

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