Bird Spikes in Trees Ruffle Feathers in England

挡风玻璃仅供社交丢弃的鸟粪。(照片:Potashev Aleksandr / Shutterstock)


You know, the one where you left your relatively spotless car for a couple hours and returned only to find it a befouled, bird poop-covered mess. Maybe it was just an errant dropping or three — an impolite splatter from a passing friend. On some occasions, the state of your automobile would suggest that a vengeful flock — five, 10, maybe 20 birds — enjoyed a large, multi-course meal together and then decided to defecate, en masse, directly onto your windshield. Not a pretty sight.

The smart thing to do would be not to park under that particular tree again. Perhaps it’s a designated latrine for local sparrows. Or, more likely, your car was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Droppings happen. If youreally就像在那棵树下的停车一样,也许是时候投资刮刀和一卷纸巾或新的刮水片。或者更好的是,如果鸟类大便是一个经常性的烦恼,请尝试更频繁地骑自行车。除非他们有优秀的目标,否则鸟类将更加努力地击中该目标。

Apparently, residents in a well-heeled suburb of Bristol, England, couldn’t be bothered to do any of these things. They've resorted to more extreme measures to prevent birds from eliminating while perched over cars: installing spikes — yes, spikes — on the branches of two popularly parked-under trees.

鸟类vs. bentleys.

有时被称为“豪猪线”的年代mall plastic spikes found affixed to tree branches in this verdant village are the same kind you might find on a building ledge to ward off pigeons and prevent them from roosting. That’s understandable. But tiny, needle-like barbs on branches ... c’mon.

首先,它损害了树本身的自然美景。你什么时候瞥了一眼树和思想吉尼,伦敦Planetree看起来很好地武器化。把尖刺放在树上是树栖脱落的行为。许多物种都有自己的自然防御 - 如果他们不希望鸟类栖息在他们的分支机构上,他们就会对此做了一些事情。


一位当地居民告诉守护者:“尖峰仅用于保护汽车[停放在树下]。这里有鸟粪有一个大问题。他们真的可以弄得一团糟,因为某种原因,鸟类似乎会聚集在这个地区。“(克利桑那州的富裕的布里斯托尔郊区,紧邻Clifton Down,这是一个400英亩的公共开放空间以及风景秀丽的Avon Gorge,这是当地野生动物的名义天堂。)

The resident, who spoke anonymously, goes on to note that residents have attempted less egregious methods of deterring birds from congregating on the trees along Pembroke Road, including installing an owl decoy. But in the end, the faux bird of prey and other tactics “didn’t seem to do anything.”

另一个未命名的地方指出BBC.那the spiked trees aren’t完全不友好地到野生动物 - 他们是“充满了松鼠”,他们索赔 - 在Bemoaning附近的洗车的缺乏之前:“在这里洗车时很难洗车,因为没有洗涤设施,所以居民对居民来说是一个很难的问题。”

Hillcrest Estate Management,代表豪华汽车拥有居民安装尖峰,捍卫了这一举措:“”如果没有及时删除,鸟类碎屑可能对汽车造成永久性的损坏,并且受影响的最严重的租金持有人继续采取行动改善情况。“


对克利夫顿的尖刺树枝的公共反应有理由 - 一直迅速和谴责。

然而,正如Genula O'Rourke那样,一个与绿党的当地议员解释说,这几乎可以从法律角度来看,因为穗嵌入的树木位于私人土地上。

“但是,我将在安理会展示这一点,”她说。“无论是否允许,看起来很糟糕,看起来树木对鸟类无人居住的树木是一种耻辱 - 可能是为了停车场。有时候,忽视我们所有来自树木和绿地以及城市周围的野生动物的存在的好处太容易忽视了益处。“

A spokesperson for the Bristol city council echoes similar sentiments to O’Rourke, noting that because the trees are on private property, authorities cannot swoop in and force Hillcrest Estate Management to remove the spikes, which apparently have been around for some time.