The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Coats and Jackets of 2021

Bundle up without the environmental burden

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The Rundown
"Don’t choose this jacket just for its eco-conscious manufacturing, it’s hugely versatile too."
Arc’teryx Thorsen Parka at Amazon
"Inspired by the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, there’s no occasion Arc’teryx's Thorsen Parka won’t handle."
“Vidda Pro羊毛夹克将甚至难以留下最清澈的日子,而不会留下沉重的环境足迹。”
“这谄媚的大衣是用100cent recycled nylon shell and 100 percent recycled down insulation."
"Embrace harmony with the planet and a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic thanks to this wool coat."
"This hooded jacket isn’t messing around when it comes to being eco-friendly."
"Lightweight and designed for mild conditions, this jacket is everything you need for your next trip. "

快速时尚正在为我们的星球的稳定衰落造成促进,但即使是那些随着长途悬念而竭尽全力的衣服,甚至是他们自己的环保价格。这样的合成纤维nylonandpolyester, which are widely used in coats, jackets and other outerwear, are known to contribute to the微塑性污染我们的海洋found as far away as Antarctica by scientists

更可怕的是,时尚行业估计估计10 percent of global carbon emissions, and contributes to major water pollution problems in the countries where manufacturing is concentrated.


Industry certifications, such as theResponsible Down Standard (RDS)andResponsible Wool Standard也承诺尽可能高的动物福利al-derived products such as down and羊毛, while others give a second lease of life to these materials by recycling them from other uses—which not only extends their lifespan, but minimizes their environmental footprint, too. If you’re keen to avoid any animal products in your clothing, we’ve also published an article covering最好的素食外套

Picking out environmentally conscious brands and high-quality products is what we do best, so we’ve compiled this guide of the most eco-friendly coats and jackets for every budget and style.

Best Overall: Patagonia Nano Puff® Hoody

Patagonia Women's Nano Puff® Hoody

谈到生态友好的外套时,有一个可难的领导者,他们可能需要很少的介绍。Patagoniais making striking advances when it comes to sustainability in their range of activewear, with the company set to go 100 percent carbon neutral by 2025. Sixty eight percent of their lines now userecycled materials, including our firm favourite on this list, the Nano Puff Hoody.

The 100 percent recycled polyester shell of this cozy puffer jacket reduces carbon emissions by 59 percent over virgin polyester. It’s then packed full of PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco, synthetic down made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer waste. What’s more, the company operates a guarantee on all purchases, and will even免费修理物品to ensure they last for your lifetime, at least.

Available in male and female styles, don’t choose this jacket just for its eco-conscious manufacturing. It’s a hugely versatile coat that’s guaranteed to become your go-to, whether you’re at home or out in the backcountry.

Best Budget: Everlane The Wool Mackinaw Jacket

Everlane The Wool Mackinaw Jacket

Nothing says “the season’s must-have” like a 100 percent recycled and fully eco-friendly jacket, from the sustainable brand Everlane. A classic point collar and front patch pockets add a modern edge to this snuggly coat, which is made from a blend of 75 percent wool, 23 percent nylon and 2 percent other fibers. All are on their second lease of life and built to be both timeless and, most importantly, last.


最佳奢侈品:Arc'teryx Thorsen Parka

Arc’teryx Thorsen Parka

如果有一家在渗出风格的高性能技术功能中擅长的公司,它必须是Arc'teryx。受到不列颠哥伦比亚省海岸山脉的启发,几乎没有场合他们的Thorsen Parka不会处理。Gore-Tex外壳为风雨和雨水提供了足够的保护,而下降绝缘是卓越的温暖 - 重量比和弹性。它还根据负责任的下标准进行认证,以额外的德国果仁巧克力点。

As a company founded in the outdoors by people who love it, there’s a lot to like about its approach to the environment and how that impacts制造业。While Arc’teryx's products are expensive, they’re built to last, so an investment in this coat is an investment in the future, too. Additionally, the company is a founding signatory of the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, and is active in helping the fashion industry to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Best for Winter: Fjallraven Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket

You might not know how to pronounce it, but we can guarantee you’ll be hearing this company’s name a lot in the future. Swedish brand Fjällräven specializes in cold weather clothing to survive the extremes of a Scandinavian winter—and their Vidda Pro Wool jacket will stave off even the chilliest of days, without leaving behind a heavy environmental footprint.

The water-resistant outer shell is made from their trademarked G-1000® Eco. This material is constructed from 65 percentrecycled polyester和35%的有机棉,两者都是常用在整个行业的高度污染面料的替代品。82%的羊毛灌装,作为意大利供应商的剩余羊毛或瑞典当地农场,与玉米淀粉制成的生物塑料混合,加入了这款夹克的生态凭据的名单。羊毛也非常温暖和防潮。

What’s more, while fluorocarbons may be favored by the outdoor industry for their dirt and water resistance, they don’t break down in nature and are a suspected carcinogen. Fjällräven is a committed fluorocarbon-free zone, which means you won’t find this chemical anywhere in their product line.

最好下来:Nau Windward Insulated Button Up Parka


Eco-conscious and strikingly stylish are words that you may think don’t go readily together. But we’ve got proof that jackets can be both beautiful to wear and beautiful for the planet: the Windward parka. Available in two sleek colors (we love Caviar), this flattering down parka brings a 100 percent recycled nylon shell and 100 percent recycled down insulation to the table—and boy does it look good!

NAU对可持续发展的承诺是如此伟大,他们只会缩小到十年materials that are eco-friendly足以融入他们的衣服中,所有这些都被行业领先的认证支持。您可以保证您购买的衣服是合法的环保意识;这家公司肯定不是在时尚界内猖獗的企业绿色洗手的参与者。


Christy Dawn The Vera Coat

Embrace harmony with the planet and a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic thanks to this wool coat from sustainable fashion brand Christy Dawn. Full-length with notch lapels for subtle styling, this coat is a truly show stopping addition to your eco-friendly wardrobe, whether dressed down with a casual outfit or worn to impress with business wear.

Part of the appeal of this brand is their use of deadstock, a term that refers to fabrics left over by other fashion houses, who overestimated their needs. By using only these types of fabrics from which to craft their products, Christy Dawn not only prevents unused fabric from going into landfill, but they also ensure that each item they make is practically one-of-a-kind. As such, they rarely make more than a handful of items from each piece of leftover material, so this is exclusive fashion that’s both affordable and ethical.



Looking for a midweight jacket that’ll have your back in even the most unsettled weather? This hooded coat isn’t messing around when it comes to being eco-friendly. One hundred percent recycled, it uses a ECONYL® shell made from fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastics that are regenerated into a wam and water-resistant outer.

绝缘,回收聚酯塑料制成ic bottles prevent the need for virgin synthetics, while the yarn used to bring this sustainable masterpiece together is woven from repurposed fishing nets. On a brand level, an impressive 90 percent of all materials they use are recycled, while they’re Fair Labor Association accredited — which means ethical social practices are assured also.


Nau Traveler Jacket


A quirky luggage tag on one sleeve ensures you’re prepared for take-off, while the two color shades — in dark frond or yellow — allow you to pick the one that best suits your personality and mood.


为了实用性和保证你从根本上致力于拯救我们的星球的品牌采购,选择我们的头号选择,纳米斗牛帽(view at Patagonia)。Getting versatility and eco-friendly manufacturing down to a T, this coat will perform, whatever the occasion.

Alternatively, for a gorgeous and truly one-of-a-kind option, choose The Vera Coat (view at Christy Dawn)。充满了泥尘,你把面料放在垃圾填埋场,同时看起来很令人惊叹。

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