14 Famous People Who Mysteriously Disappeared


国会图书馆/ Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

这Lost Roanoke Colony. The Dyatlov Pass Incident. The death of Natalie Wood. The Black Dahlia. The Bermuda Triangle. Bigfoot. Did Tony Soprano die at the end of "The Sopranos"?

We love a good unsolved mystery, and unexplained disappearances that have managed to baffle historians have also intrigued the general public. Unlike the FBI's decades-old search for the remains of a certain convict/labor organizer from Detroit, we've successfully managed to track down 14 missing people of note, including six particularly intriguing head-scratchers followed by a few more names that you may recognize.

在大多数情况下,未予说明的person was legally declared dead at some point, although their body has never been recovered and their whereabouts are still unknown. Some of these vanishings have been subject to massive search parties, wild speculation, media sensationalism, false accusations, dead ends, wrong turns and the occasional TV miniseries. Some are rather tragic. And in one famous instance, the identity of the AWOL individual was unknown even before he vanished into thin air (by jumping from a plane no less).





D.B. who? Exactly.

虽然媒体的巨大空气海盗的传奇作为D.B.库珀(他在“Dan Cooper”的别名下购买了他的机票)可能对大多数年轻人,航空业,居民的别墅毫不熟悉阿里尔,华盛顿而且 - 最后但并非最不重要的 - 联邦调查局,永远不会忘记感恩节夏娃1971年当一只升起的绅士天鹅西北东方航空公司航班305界为西雅图国际机场。30分钟航班后不久,从俄勒冈州俄勒冈州的俄勒冈州波特兰,俄勒冈州披露的航班服务员披露的库珀并要求20万美元,四辆降落伞和一辆加油卡车在登陆时占有爆炸物。

Once the plane landed at Sea-Tac after circling for two hours while authorities made preparations, the ransom payout and parachutes were handed over and Cooper released Flight 305's passengers. The refueling process began, at which point Cooper revealed to the plane's pilot and a handful of other crew members his desired destination: Mexico City. About 30 minutes after the flight departed at 7:40 p.m., Cooper, wearing a parachute and in possession of the ransom money, leapt from the plane's aft airstair at 10,000 feet and into the night over southwestern Washington, near Mount St. Helens.

到这一天,D.B的身份。库珀仍然是一个谜,如果他甚至幸存下来,他还不清楚。在持续的努力中,仍然努力退休的唯一未解决的斯塔克林,联邦调查局已经处理了数千人可能的嫌疑人,包括CopyCat Hijacker Richard McCoy Jr.,基于西雅图的航班陪索Kenneth Christiansen和来自俄勒冈州的已故的工程测量师。Lynn Doyle Cooper

Recently, a小组公民调查员分析了JC Penney的3美元剪辑领带,Cooper留在飞机座椅18E上。他们声称已经发现了成千上万的微观颗粒,包括铈,硫化物和纯钛,这表明他很可能是航空航天工程公司的员工。“这些是他们称之为稀土元素。他们在非常狭窄的领域中使用,对于非常具体的东西,“汤姆凯德,集团公民索伦的主要研究员,告诉华盛顿新闻电台。"Of all the possible things for him to leave on the plane, the tie was incredibly fortunate for this investigation" because neckties are washed so infrequently, the group wrote on their website.

众多书籍,电影,歌曲和电视节目Plotlines受到了D.B的传说的启发。库珀。哎呀,他是从“30岩”到“破坏不好”的一切。就像你可能已经猜到的那样,大卫林奇叫樱桃饼,黑咖啡 - 翻转的FBI代理商Dale Bartholomew Cooper从“双峰”之后他。2013年8月,塔科马的华盛顿州历史博物馆打开了展出致力于1971年的跳伞。It's unclear if the man of the hour attended.

In July 2016, the History Channel aired a two-part special about the case, with retired investigators poring over evidence and指向手指在罗伯特架子上, a 72-year-old man who lives on a boat in the San Diego Bay. Rackstraw has said he's considering filing a civil suit against History Channel over the accusation. In that same month, theFBI declared it would no longer actively investigate the Cooper caseand would direct resources to other investigations.

Who: Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart站在她的飞机旁边Underwood & Underwood / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

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安德伍德&枯草伍德/ Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain



开创性的阿维亚特里奇,作者,老师,杂志编辑,名人时装设计师,卷烟发言人。在这个星球上的短短39年里,Amelia Earhart设法令人印象深刻的简历,但是她的神秘消失,同时尝试了一系列持续到这一天的兴趣。

虽然有许多理论,但在1937年7月2日在太平洋在太平洋在太平洋消失时,没有人可以确定真正发生的事情,虽然在洛克希德电气10e的豪兰岛,但却是最多的消失强化和昂贵的 - 在美国历史上的搜索努力到达那段时间。它常见于1939年在缺席缺席的燃料和earhart中耗尽了燃料和耳饰,将飞机进入太平洋,附近的豪兰群岛 - “崩溃和陷阱理论” - 虽然没有野生神话和传说缺乏短缺围绕耳饰的失踪。2012年,研究人员踏上了220万美元的探险,以证明耳壁撞毁了她的飞机在尼克穆罗的小岛上。

Our favorite Earhart disappearance legend, other than the one where she's employed to spy on the Japanese by F.D.R., has to be the one involving the iconic pilot pulling an Abbie Hoffman — a ludicrous scenario in which Earhart secretly完全的the round-the-world flight but, tired of all the fame and fortune, decided to move to Monroe Township, New Jersey, and change her name to Irene Craigmile Bolam. Author Joe Klaas ran with this theory in his 1970 book, "Amelia Earhart Lives," and, as a result, thereal艾琳·克雷吉尔·鲍拉姆对此没有太高。博拉姆,银行家和业余飞行员,提交了1.5美元的诉讼和出版商McGraw-Hill,迅速在出版后迅速拉了Klaas的书。


哈罗德霍尔特肖像NAA / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

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NAA/ Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0


在哪里:Point Nepean, Victoria, Australia

It's not every day that a prime minister消失在海里。However, just that happened on Dec. 17, 1967, when the 17th prime minister of Australia, Harold Holt, decided to go for a swim at Cheviot Beach near Portsea, Victoria. Following two days of exhaustive search efforts, the authorities declared that 59-year-old Holt, a skilled swimmer and longtime member of Parliament who had served as prime minister for less than two years, was presumed dead. His body was never recovered and it wasn't until 2005 that a coroner ruled the cause of death to be accidental drowning — he was either swept out to sea or eaten by shark — in a risky location known for strong rip currents. At the time of his disappearance, Holt was taking pain meds for a shoulder injury.

Not long after Holt went missing, the rumor mill started working overtime and speculation as to what exactly happened that fateful morning at Cheviot Beach continues to this day. Among the more wild myths, many fueled by the fact that Holt's disappearance was not followed by a formal inquiry and that his body was not found: he was abducted by a UFO; he faked his own death so that he could decamp with his mistress, Marjorie Gillespie; and, most famously, he deliberately swam out to sea where he was plucked from the water by a waiting Chinese submarine and whisked off to China. This荒谬的理论, in which Holt was revealed to be a communist and longtime secret agent for the People's Republic of China, surfaced in British journalist Anthony Grey's controversial 1983 book, "The Prime Minister Was a Spy." To this, Holt's wife Zara responded: "Harry? Chinese submarine? He didn't even like Chinese cooking."

自杀是另一种理论与霍尔特的消失ance and was suggested in the 2007 documentary "Who Killed Harold Holt?" Several sources close to the late prime minister have adamantly denied that he suffered from bouts of depression or a mental illness.

无论如何,霍尔特将永远被墨尔本郊区,哈罗德霍尔特游泳中心和俚语表达所记住的邪恶的讽刺娱乐综合体。do a Harry Holt。" Translation: to bolt — to disappear abruptly.

谁:Jimmy Hoffa


在哪里:Bloomfield Township, Michigan

到目前为止,它得到了很好的成就,即1975年7月30日在郊区底特律的一家餐馆的停车场消失后,团队主人Kingpin Jimmy Hoffa冒失了。但几十年来,即使在超级腐败的联盟领导人被宣布死亡之后在缺席八年之后,问题仍然存在:他们到底是什么与他的身体有关?

Hoffa's disappearance has yielded a delightfully sordid assortment of lore, lies and potential leads. Some have been pursed by the FBI, some have not, while most pertain to the whereabouts of his remains. Just a taste: entombed under Section 107 at the now-demolished巨人体育场in New Jersey; hidden in the concrete foundation of Detroit's Renaissance Center; stashed under a horse barn; interred beneath the车道一个郊区的家;扔进佛罗里达州的沼泽;埋在布卢姆菲尔德山的后院游泳池下。其他情景已经看到霍夫巴的身体通过肉磨床送到河里加权,在脂肪渲染厂崩解,粉碎在汽车压实机中,埋在砾石坑中,最后但并非最不重要的是,填充到油桶里并在新泽西州的有毒废物垃圾上存放。yabo彩票

在世界上的总是铆接游戏中的最新参赛者是Jimmy Hoffa的身体?根据一个来源,他在密歇根州奥克兰县的一个空缺地段中陷入了一个浅坟墓,在餐厅北部约20英里,他最后一次活着。显然,这个位置旨在作为霍夫达的身体转移到更多搬迁之前的临时倾销。然而,该计划落后了。

Thisrevelation来自Tony Zerilli,这是一个被誉为霍瓦的失踪时被监禁的被誉为的底特律暴徒老板。Zerilli在2013年1月在2013年1月的采访中告诉纽约的NBC 4新闻:“我可能是我可能的肯定。如果我有钱,我想敢打赌他埋葬(那里)的大笔资金。”他补充说:“我想向大家证明我并不疯狂。”在金钱和疯狂的主题上,Zerilli正在推广他的新,自我发表的书,标题为“霍瓦发现”。出版物,霍夫达仍然存在大。


亨利哈德森绘画的最后一个航行John Collier / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

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John Collier/ Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain


在哪里:James Bay, Canada

亨利哈德森(A.K.A.拥有河流,海湾,海峡,城镇,桥梁等的着名的英国航行员等人一定是一个相当咄咄逼人的伙伴。他自己的船员 - 纪念,饥饿,半冻结,不愿意继续探索冰后几个月 - 他的十几岁的儿子和七个体弱和/或忠诚到哈德逊水手们漂浮在一个小,在当天哈德森湾中间开放的船。哈德森和其他抛弃休息再也见不到或听到。(如此谈论与人力资源部门一起谈论的东西,呃?)

由于只有少数探索的船员幸免于英格兰,而且只有很多人都知道哈德森的第四次探险的叛逃,而不是整个特点。被捕并被指控谋杀他们的船长,造成罪犯的船员最终逃脱了任何一种惩罚,而且,到这一天,它一般认为,一位巨大的哈德森在乘坐微小的救生艇上遇到他的制造商。这种情况在着名的John Collier绘画中被永生化(图为)。(毛皮包衣,ZZ Top-Ish Hudson在它中看起来不太惊讶。)

In his book, "Fatal Journey: The Final Expedition of Henry Hudson," esteemed history professor Peter Mancall highlights evidence thatsuggestsHudson could have been violently murdered by his crew andnot被迫有一些其他人的小船,留下了死亡。Hudson设法在叛变中幸存下来的可能性,改变了他的头发颜色并搬迁到里约热内卢,他将他的余生们作为一个名叫“Bob Simpson”的流行休息室歌手已经排除了。至于哈德森的注定工作人员,你永远不知道,他们可能在几个以前的哈德逊水手队和其他曾经的哈德森水手一起重新认识到近200年的近200年 - 半月的船员 - 如hirsute bowling enthusiasts居住在纽约的Catskill山脉。

谁:Azaria Chamberlain


在哪里:Northern Territory, Australia


"Let's throw another a shrimp on the barbie."


"A dingo ate my baby!"

这只是与澳大利亚伟大的国家相关的(主要是不幸的)短语的一小部分,这些短语已经嵌入了流行文化词汇。至于最后一个,它确实发生了 - 而Paul Hogan与它无关。

这1980年disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain remains one of the most infamous, if notthemost infamous, murder cases in Aussie history. And it wasn't until 2012 — 32 years, a super-sensational trial, several dramatic coronial inquests, demoralizing public scrutiny and a "Seinfeld" punchline later — that Azaria's beleaguered parents found closure when a coroner ruled that their 9-week-old daughter had indeed been snatched from an outback campsite near Uluru by a marauding wild dog.

Following Azaria's disappearance, her mother, Lindy Chamberlain, was tried and convicted for the murder of her infant daughter and sentenced to life in prison. She served three years before being released after a piece of Azaria's clothing was found, totally by chance, in a dingo's lair near the campsite. Two years later, the convictions against Lindy and her husband Michael were overturned and all charges were dropped. However, it wasn't until a fourth inquest in 2012 that an amended death certificate — a death certificate that legally backed the Chamberlains' initial claim that their daughter was taken from her tent by a dingo during the night and carried off into the wilderness and killed — for Azaria was finally issued.

And as for that famous phrase, it's actually a misquote from the 1988 Meryl Streep film, "在黑暗中哭泣“在哪个临时,玩林德张伯伦,哭泣:”dingotookmy baby!"


Dorothy Arnold:曼哈顿社交和抱徒。在25岁时在纽约市将于12月19日起消失了。

Jean Spangler:Actress and dancer. Disappeared October 1949, in Los Angeles at the age of 26.

Frank Morris:刑事Disappeared June 1962, from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary along with John and Clarence Anglin at the age of 36.


Sean Flynn:Freelance photojournalist and son of actor Errol Flynn. Disappeared April 1970 in Cambodia at the age of 28.

Oscar Zeta Acosta:Attorney, activist and traveling companion of Hunter S. Thompson. Disappeared 1974 in Mexico at the age of 39.

Richey Edwards:吉他手,曼尼克街道传道。1995年2月在伦敦在27岁时消失了。

Bison Dele:底特律活塞的退休的专业篮球运动员。2002年7月在大溪地消失于32岁。