8 of the Hottest Wool Shoe Brands

全鸟Wool Runners, made of breathable, odor-resistant merino wool, are market leaders in the growing sustainable shoe industry.designmilk from USA/Wikimedia Commons

The wool shoe market is sizzling, thanks in part to the skyrocketing success of Allbirds, which launched in 2016 with a line of可持续时尚New Zealand-sourced merino wool sneakers and slip-ons. But the San Francisco-based startup isn’t the only success story in this烫鞋类. There are plenty of other woolly footwear options for environmentally woke consumers who want to do right by the planet but also maintain a sense of style.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the most popular wool shoe brands. All offer breathable, odor-controlling, moisture-resistant comfort for those with a flair for green fashion.


最新的可持续发展的鞋模型,树顶,是由桉树纤维刷与美利奴羊毛和功能泡沫鞋底生产的甘蔗(称为SweetFoam)。 全鸟

This list wouldn’t be complete without including the folks who made wool cool, thanks, in part, to a coterie of celebrity and Silicon Valley devotees. In the two years since its meteoric kick-off, Allbirds has not only raised从5000万美元investors, bringing its valuation to $1.4 billion, but it has also扩展了可持续的鞋款选择beyond wool to include flip flops made of EVA foam derived from sugar cane; sneakers made of eucalyptus fibers; and its newest offering, a high-top sneaker called theTree Topper, shown above, made from all three of its preferred sustainable materials.全鸟footwear is available online and at the company’s three stores in San Francisco, New York and London.


Begun by the Giesswein family in 1954 and still located in the Austrian Alps, this enduring company produces several shoe and slipper styles made out of boiled “3D Stretch” merino wool from sheep raised in New Zealand, Australia and South America. In 2017,吉斯魏因(发音为geese–vine)参加了运动鞋表演通过Kickstarter活动,帮助推出了新的美利奴跑步者。你可以在网上或从美国的一些零售店(在公司网站上列出)购买Giesswein鞋。


The Glerup family began making felted boots as a hobby in 1993 using wool from their own Gotland sheep. Today, thispowerhouse Danish brand不仅提供冷毡羊毛靴子,但开放的鞋跟拖鞋和鞋子。全部Glerupscome with soles made either of natural calfskin or rubber. Shoes are available online.


Launched via a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, this Swiss startup has continued to soar with its unique wool footwear inspired by traditional Russian winter boots. Using sustainably sourced wool from Portugal and New Zealand,Baabuk提供时尚的羊毛拖鞋,羊毛运动鞋和最新的,一个高顶运动鞋称为天空羊毛。Baabuk鞋是在尼泊尔和葡萄牙手工制作的,在网上和整个欧洲的几十家零售店都可以买到。

Felts Health Shoes

This Fair Trade newcomer is literally just getting off the ground, but has alreadygarnered attention. The company’s 100 percent organic merino wool shoes with nettle fabric outsoles are handmade in Nepal. Currently, they can be pre-ordered onKickstarter公司. 竞选活动很早就达到了财政目标,而且公司计划于2018年12月或2019年1月开始装运。

Worth a Mention


Le Mouton. These unisex wool sneakers may not have a marquee name yet, but they’restarting to be noticed. 由韩国制造商Oozootech株式会社于2017年推出。,Le Moutonscontain 84 percent organic merino wool (the rest is polyester) and come in a handful of heathery textured colors. They’re available online.

Mahabis. This London-basedshoe and clothing brand2014年推出的羊毛混纺拖鞋通过可连接的橡胶鞋跟变形为户外鞋。二合一的概念很快形成了cult following. Mahabis羊毛拖鞋不再有可拆卸的鞋底,现在运动鞋一样的永久鞋底。他们可以在网上和在选择诺德斯特罗姆商店在美国。

Xero Shoes. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, and known for its “foot first” designs,Xero Shoesrecently launched a wool-blend casual shoe with moisture-wicking lining called the Pacifica. It’s available online in men’s andwomen’sstyles.