Denmark's Lego House Opens to Visitors

An overhead exterior view of Lego House, a highly anticipated new 'experience center' in Billund, Denmark, that celebrates the internationally beloved toy building brick. . (Photo: LEGO)

It must be incredibly humbling for an architect to design a 130,000-square-foot homage to the same toy that inspired him to be an architect to begin with.

Prolific Danish architect Bjarke Ingels may not fully credit Lego blocks as what lead him to pursue a career designingski slope-topped power plantsand花园式摩天大楼. In interviews, he cites comic books and graphic novels as being his childhood obsessions. His earliest dream job was that of cartoonist.

Still, much like any self-respecting Dane, Ingels often mentions that Lego — one of Denmark’s most widely known exports next to Carlsberg beer, Pandora jewelry and fairy tales princesses who live under the sea — played a formidable role in childhood. A2017 Vogue profiledescribed his childhood bedroom as being "given over to a constantly evolving Lego city." The Copenhagen native has Lego in his blood.

英格尔斯自己也描述了他最近完成的项目,即刚刚开张的项目翻唱版in Billund — the quaint Danish company town where the candy-colored plastic construction bricks were born and still made — as a “childhood dream" come true.

Exterior of LEGO House pictured ahead of grand opening, Sept. 2017, Billund, Denmark
New kid on the block: Spanning nearly 130,000-square-feet, Lego House features color-coded play zones, three eateries, a history exhibit and more. (Photo: Lego)

At the much-anticipated grand opening ceremony of Lego House, Ingels was loath to even refer to Lego blocks as a children's plaything. As theNew York Times据报道,他特意称乐高“不是玩具”。相反,它是一种工具,使孩子能够真正想象和创造自己的世界,然后通过游戏生活在这个世界上。”

他继续说:“我认为架构,我s at its best, it is the same thing. As architects and as people, we can imagine what kind of a world is it that we want to live in, then we can design and build that world, and then we can actually go and live in it.”

Green Zone at Lego House, Billund, Denmark
Travel the world without leaving the confines of Billund, a town of 6,000 in southern Denmark. (Photo: Lego Group)


为了避免混淆乐高屋的确切用途,乐高将这个景点称为“体验中心”,当然,它类似于一个由保罗·班扬(Paul Bunyan)大小的乐高积木建成的自由旋转结构

LEGO Dinosaur x Bjarke Ingels, LEGO House, Billund, Denmark
Architect Bjarke Ingels (center) joins Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark, Lego Group chairman Jørgen Vig Knudstorp and others at a grand opening ceremony in late September. (Photo: Lego Group)


Inside, Lego House is divided into color-coded “experience zones” that match back to the rooftop tiling. Centered around a plastic cataract cascading from the ceiling, the Red Zone is home to a bustling, hands-on Creative Lab where kids of all ages are encouraged to don “virtual lab coats” and “strut their creative stuff.” In the Green Zone, visitors are implored to explore their “social competences” by filming mini Lego movies at the Story Lab and crafting miniature, yellow-faced humanoids at the Character Creator. The Yellow Zone is all about “understanding, expressing and regulating our emotions to help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life.” The Blue Zone, with its City Architect simulator and Lego vehicle test-driving tracks, revolves around the strengthening of cognitive skills.

在互动体验区之外,还有杰作画廊和历史收藏。位于一个巨大的白色“2 x 4”砖顶上的结构,画廊展示了一个旋转精选的策展大型乐高创作由熟练的成人乐高artistes.目前,天空照亮的空间被可怕的三只恐龙占据。在建筑的低层,历史收藏功能作为一个适当的品牌历史博物馆,配有公司的互动时间表和早期和标志性的乐高玩具的包装展示。

Visitors suffering from hunger pains and/or Lego overload can unwind at one of three on-site dining establishments: Brickacinno is your casual coffee shop/snack bar but with a "The Lego Movie" theme. Mini Chef is a cafeteria-style casual eatery staffed by “animatronic Lego robots." The New York Times manages to make dining here sound both semi-complicated and semi-stressful. (“Upon seating, each diner is given a packet of red, green, blue and black bricks, which correspond to items on the menu. To order, we picked one of each color block, snapped our meals together, then slotted them into a special tray attached to the iPad.”) But whatever — it's probably a hoot for the under-12 set. Finally, Le Gourmet is an upscale, reservations-only joint that features New Nordic cuisine and only slight traces of Lego-themed gimmickry.

A look inside the Red Zone, one of four themed ticketed play areas at Lego House in Billund. Each zone is dedicated to a certain aspect of childhood learning. (Photo: Lego Group)





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