CC BY 2.0. Gazelle bike at Fort York/ Lloyd Alter

它改变了一切 - 你如何考虑自行车以及你如何考虑汽车。

I oftenPaRaphrase分析师Horace Dediu并说,“E-Bikes将吃汽车。”我现在骑了六个月的瞪羚Medeo E-Bike,可以报告这是真的;它吃了我的车。

当然是象征性的。我们仍然拥有我的妻子驱动器的Subaru Impreza。但是,电子自行车完全改变了我的习惯,我多么开车,甚至是我的实际驾驶能力。它改变了一切。

Let's talk about the bike first. As I noted in an earlier post, I bought it because it has all the attributes of classic dutch-style bikes: solid, heavy, durable, with a comfortable upright riding position.

它也是一种级联设计,当你变老时,我更容易上下,我在做的过程中。我想成为Egbert Brasjen,并且能够在30年内完成这一点。它已经采取了一些练习,但我不再在后方摆动我的腿,只是迈出了。没有顶级酒吧的红灯也很容易。


Carrier on bike

A good place for my War on Cars sticker/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Everything about the bike is heavy and solid; the steel in the carrier is so thick that my panniers wouldn't clip on. I bought a new bag that fastens on with Velcro, but I don't use it very much because it is seems so easy to steal.

Three locks on my bike

Three locks on my bike/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

盗窃是,事实上,我最大的担心。这是一个前女友pensive bike, starting at US$2,500. A lot of bikes get stolen in Toronto and the police don't care much, so you are pretty much on your own. That means being really careful about where you park, and using lots of locks; I have an Abus D-lock and a folding lock that I use all the time. I also use the AXA wheel lock that comes with the bike because I have to; the key stays in the lock when it is open, so someone could lock the bike and steal the battery (same key) and leave you stranded. I would never trust it on its own and wish it wasn't there.[更新:参观评论,比我知道更多的锁。我喜欢评论。]


不要将自行车锁定到万豪灯邮政/ LLOYD ALTER /CC BY 2.0

We also need a lot more places to lock our bikes. I was attending a green building conference at a downtown Marriott and there was not a ring to be found anywhere. I locked to a lamppost and as I was unlocking a security guard came out to yell, "You can't park there!" I tried to point out that the Marriott was hosting a conference on sustainability and that the least they could do is provide parking.


驾驶模式/ Lloyd Alter /CC BY 2.0


When I first got the bike I was always in the lowest gear, going as fast as I could, but then you have to remember to downshift before you come to a stop or it is hard to get started, and, well, I was going too fast for my own good in a crowded city. I have now settled down, keep it in about 7th gear, top out at about 25 km/hr and go with the flow.

A wet bike and a wet biker

湿自行车和湿骑自行车的人/劳埃德改变/CC BY 2.0

But I also go with the flow much farther than I used to on the bike, and more often. I don't think about the weather as much; if it is hot, you are not as sweaty because you do not have to work as hard; I will find out soon what it is like when it is cold, but suspect that I can wear normal walking clothes because I won't overheat. I don't worry as much about cycling in the rain; I did it just yesterday in a torrential storm and didn't overheat under all that plastic non-breathing rain gear. The weight and the solidity helped in that I didn't feel blown around by the wind.

I have used it to go almost everywhere; I have only driven in the city twice since I got the bike, to a Passive House conference at the edge of town. The problem now is that I have become a very nervous driver; I don't like going out at night and don't like the highway, and when I don't ride the bike I am taking transit far more than I used to. One evening after the Passive House conference a few of us were going downtown for dinner; I asked someone else to drive us there because I was so uncomfortable doing it. The other night, I took a long transit ride to a meeting at a hotel in the suburbs (and a cab home) because I didn't want to drive in a rainy rush hour. I now actively dislike driving, getting stuck in traffic, complaining about all the jerks on the road, worrying about being a jerk on the road. As far as I am concerned, this bike ate my car.


Boomer Show / Lloyd Alter / Lloyd唯一的自行车/CC BY 2.0


我非常幸运能够相对接近市中心,靠近城市的一些骑自行车道,真正接近好的交通,所以我有很多选择其他人没有。但为这个或任何城市的每个人做出这项工作并不需要太多;正如我之前注意的那样,需要三件事电子自行车革命: Good affordable bikes, safe places to ride, and secure places to park. If we invested in that, e-bikes could take a lot of cars off the road and a lot of pressure off the transit system.

Henry Grabar最近指出,“没有技术持有与谦逊的自行车一样多的承诺 - 特别是当我们包括其新的电气化表兄弟时 - 解决让人们在大城市周围短距离的几何问题。”我们不需要没有飞行汽车。只要给我们一个骑行的地方,看电子骑自行车吃了一切。