'手套'。(照片:©Richard Barnden / Upy 2019)


从1965年开始,竞争是oldest in the world and "seeks to celebrate photography beneath the surface of the ocean, lakes and even swimming pools." Today, there are 13 categories including special honors for up-and-coming photographers, marine conservation and most promising British photographer. Since the awards are based out of the United Kingdom, there are also several categories specifically for photographs taken in British waters.


“随着阳光落在Fakarava South Pass上,估计的700鲨鱼在一天中巡逻渠道的嘴巴,在晚上开始追捕,”Barnden在他的提交中写道。“手套即将展开。下降到黑暗中我可以感觉到我的心脏比现在覆盖底部的速度比正常的心跳一点。这个不幸的鹦嘴躲过和走出蛋白质头部寻找某处隐藏作为鲨鱼的群,散开追求。一只灰礁鲨突然抓住了鹦嘴,因为它的另一个扭曲在它下面,得到更好的抓地力。在绝望时,当我咬了几张镜头并蜷缩着一个球作为鲨鱼的狂热过去,只留下了几只下降的鹦嘴鱼鳞。“

Barnden还赢得了今年的英国水下摄影师和行为类别。从可爱地摆姿势的密封件到沉没的战舰中,请查看下面的其他获奖图像。你也可以下载2019年年鉴, which features all 125 finalists.


'Paradise'. (Photo: © Taeyup Kim/UPY 2019)

“过水,美丽的度假村和棕榈树,在超级清澈的天空中。水下,近1米的深度,近1米,有些礁鱼的近1米的硬珊瑚。在这里第一次潜水,我已经没时间了准备上升。我只要求潜水这个特定的区域是漂亮的分裂镜头。我工作了大约30分钟。我遇到了2个困难的点。由于周围的船,表面并不是那么平静地制作了波浪。其次,我的姿势在超级浅层深处真正不稳定,周围的硬珊瑚举起我的圆顶和获得正确的成分。坦率地说,我在这里等待灰礁鲨和黑尖礁鲨来到这个构成。我失败了,但我喜欢这个天堂。“- Taeyup Kim.


'Caretta Caretta Turtle'。 (Photo: © Eduardo Acevedo/UPY 2019)

“Caretta Caretta Turtles在开阔的海洋中度过了大部分时间。他们从加勒比海滩穿过大西洋后来到加那利岛。在这次旅行多年来,他们经常需要避免许多典型的陷阱,如塑料,绳索,渔网等在这种特殊情况下它被困在网中,几乎不可能逃离它......但是这一天它非常幸运,并且由于两个在她附近航行的水下摄影师的帮助,可以逃脱。“- Eduardo Acevedo


'Marine Compass'. (Photo: © Malcolm Nimmo/UPY 2019)

“作为一个充满激情的潜水员和浮潜,我在英国水域花了很多人的业余时间,特别是普利茅斯的声音,火鸟和甲师的群岛。所有是美丽而多样化的海洋环境。在7月底,你可能很幸运遇到一个指南针水母,轻轻地脉动穿过表面水域。它们不仅是迷人的生物,而且他们制作了潜在的漂亮的摄影科目。这张照片是在仅仅几米的水中浮潜的士兵,直接向上拍摄the surface features and a partial Snell’s windows. Maintaining both the surface features and subject illumination requires high strobe power settings and hence careful strobe positioning. Hopefully this image highlights the beautiful marine environments we are lucky to have around the UK." — Malcolm Nimmo


'Gentle Giants'. (照片:©FrançoisBaelen/ Upy 2019)

“在一天结束时,这个座隆的鲸鱼休息了15米,让我逃离厘米远离她的尾巴。我告诉我的朋友,我希望他成为镜头的一部分,但不需要问顽皮的小牛:他很好奇。从那里,场景看起来不真实,我很高兴这张照片已经抓住了这一刻。驼背鲸是惊人和平的动物,我仍然无法相信他们仍然被猎杀今天人类。“- FrançoisBaelen.


'快速墨鱼'。 (照片:©Fabio Iardino / Upy 2019)

“In the first three months of the year I often go to the Gulf of Trieste in the north-east of Italy where I do night dives to take pictures of small cuttlefishes, more precisely of the species "Sepiola sp.". The hope, given the period, is to find the cuttlefish during the mating phase. During the research I found this Sepiola that moved about a half meter from the bottom. Looking at his way of moving, I was reminded of the idea of trying to make a panning shot and to photograph the effect of the movement to give dynamism to the image. Using the slow sync flash technique, after some unsuccessful attempts and after changing the parameters of my camera, I managed to capture an image that represents the movement and good visual impact. (actually they move in the opposite direction... but that's another story)." — Fabio Iardino


'大枪'。 (Photo: © René B. Andersen/UPY 2019)

“My inspiration for this picture is Leigh Bishop’s black and white image of the HMS Audacious turret. The HMS Audacious, which is laying on 64 meters in Malin Head, Ireland, was a dreadnought battleship which struck a mine in 1914. After she capsized, the shells magazine exploded and she sank. I used a tripod and 3 Big Blue video lights to illuminate the turret with the majestic 13.5” guns and myself as the model. There was a small current so it wasn't easy to lay still during this long exposure shot. It took some time before achieving this shot and at 64 meters, the clock is ticking fast. That is the challenge with deep wreck photography. When I used the tripod with me as a model, there was a risk that something would go wrong as I am far from the camera so I had to cross my fingers every single shot." — René B. Andersen


'Fly high and smile'. (照片:©Nicholas Samaras / 2019年的Upy)

“由于海湾边缘的金矿被游泳者和潜水员抛弃了多年,Stratoni是潜水潜水员和宏观摄影师的一系列良好的秘密。我在2018年8月访问了Stratoni,为致力于致力于的照片项目群众殖民地在那里生存。在我的第三个和最后一次访问上,我计划在使用自然光线之前创建一个特定的海岛小组照片的海马照片。正好在大结局的时候,一缕射击进入现场!隐藏in the sand a few centimetres from my camera, took off swimming in the shallows. I managed to swim with him and place my camera underneath to capture a portrait of his belly with the mouth and nose looking like a smiling happy angel’s face, with the sun beams on the background softening the colour to emerald." — Nicholas Samaras


“两个世界之间”。 (Photo: © Henley Spiers/UPY 2019)

“10米下来,我发现自己t之间徘徊wo worlds. Below, an enormous school of fish covered the bottom as far as I could see. Above, a single Cormorant patrolled the surface, catching its breath and peering down at a potential underwater feast. The cormorant, better designed for swimming than flying, would dive down at speed, aggressively pursuing the fish. The school would move in unison to escape the bird’s sharp beak, making it difficult to isolate a single target. More often than not, the bird returned to the surface empty handed and peace would momentarily be restored. I would squint up at the sunny surface, trying to keep track of the predator and anticipate the next underwater raid. This image captures the hostile, black silhouette of the cormorant as it dives down onto its prey, who for a brief moment, remain unaware of the danger above." — Henley Spiers


'Hairy in the Sunrise'. (照片:©Enrico Somogyi / Upy 2019)

“I woke up early in the morning to get a half and half shoot with a fisher boat and the Sunrise. This was the first picture. The second picture with the Hairy Frogfish I take on Laha 1. Here I was using a Inon S2000 with a Snoot for the Hairy. For the blue backlighting I used a colored Fiberoptic Snoot on a Inon Z240. To get the two Pictures together I was using the double Exposure Setting in the camera." — Enrico Somogyi


'Off the wall'. (照片:©Robert Bailey / 2019年)

“Our dive group was on a private charter with Dive Scilly late last summer. The skipper dropped us on this lovely wall festooned with invertebrate life. I was keen to capture a good wide angle scenic featuring jewel anemones and a diver. When diving in the UK I've found the visibility is rarely good enough for making contrasty wide angle pictures, let alone including a model. On this occasion the offshore site afforded us with clear water. I took advantage of the opportunity, and encouraged my wife and model Paula to work her way into the frame. I took 20 shots in a series on this portion of the wall before settling on this image." — Robert Bailey

British Waters Macro

“泥泞中的美丽”。 (照片:©Arthur Kingdon / Upy 2019)

“2018年的复活节发现我在苏格兰西海岸的洛奇Duich潜水。我的目标主题是烟花海葵,这些海葵在泥泞的海上床上找到了湖的头部。但是,在寻找这些时,我发现了一段时间塑料管道部分埋在泥浆中。谨慎地避免搅拌淤泥,我达到了开放的结局,很高兴找到这一海洋生物的集合。一条长长的蹲蹲龙虾在他的人为家外面骄傲地摆脱了他的家园,他与众多的Brittlestars共用,而精致的海洛克银座装饰着入口。为了捕捉这个场景的美丽,我选择将照明限制为一个频闪,扼杀射击效果,以避免照亮没有吸引力的背景并倾斜,以避免照明内部管道和向蹲伏的龙虾发出黑色背景。“— Arthur Kingdon


'Morning Tide Mackerel'. (照片:©Victoria Walker / Upy 2019)

“2018年的复活节发现我在苏格兰西海岸的洛奇Duich潜水。我的目标主题是烟花海葵,这些海葵在泥泞的海上床上找到了湖的头部。但是,在寻找这些时,我发现了一段时间塑料管道部分埋在泥浆中。谨慎地避免搅拌淤泥,我达到了开放的结局,很高兴找到这一海洋生物的集合。一条长长的蹲蹲龙虾在他的人为家外面骄傲地摆脱了他的家园,他与众多的Brittlestars共用,而精致的海洛克银座装饰着入口。为了捕捉这个场景的美丽,我选择将照明限制为一个频闪,扼杀射击效果,以避免照亮没有吸引力的背景并倾斜,以避免照明内部管道和向蹲伏的龙虾发出黑色背景。“- 维多利亚沃克

British Waters Compact

'播放时间吗?' (照片:©Martin Edser / Upy 2019)

“如果有邀请玩这一点!我喜欢潜水和拍摄海豹,并围着他们围着他们,但这是我对Farne群岛的第一次旅行,我被审判了什么”海豹比赛“。年轻的幼仔特别好奇,我们是笨拙的黑泡沫怪物。这对我们来说是摄影师,因为我们可以等待他们越来越好奇。在滑入和闪光的沙子之前,这种可爱的印章在我身边徘徊并蔓延最后试图让我玩 - 它几乎工作了!使用环境光线并管理光圈和快门速度,我试图对焦并锁在脸上但也捕捉到运动感,但不可抗拒的姿势和眼睛虽然是所有这封印章的工作。“- Martin Edser.