在加利福尼亚州阿拉米达的一个特别臭名昭着和不切实际的Spite House。在他的土地被扣押道路建设项目后,土地所有者建造了10英尺宽的居住者,以激动城市和一个无动于衷的邻居。(照片:Wikimedia Commons)


一个邻居留一个便条not-so-politely问吗you to tone down your ghoulish Halloween display? Next year, add his or her name to a customized foam headstone and display it prominently.

Does your mother-in-law frequently complain about how unkempt your lush backyard veggie patch looks? Serve her salads that incorporate ingredients grown in said backyard veggie patch from here on out.

从事长期睦邻争吵?植物遮挡yabo168 - 这是一个漂亮的漂亮和更适合环境than a fence.

虽然创意策略列表 - 比其他人更具无源攻击性或涉及 - 提升混蛋邻居的血压或者另一个令人讨厌的性格可以继续,没有什么比建造更像entire housewith the sole purpose of getting someone's goat.

是的,它过度了。But before the era of modern building codes and homeowner’s associations, erecting a so-called spite house was a more-common-than-you'd-think way to make someone’s life a living hell — or, at the very least, drive them nuts.

旨在阻止视图,限制访问,创建眼睛或让另一个房主在提醒他们对任何感知的不端行为的同时感到劣等,避免房屋采取许多形状和形式。有些人是刚刚的,而其他人则非常令人难以置信 - 并且非常有意地 - 小。其他Haite Houses可能会出现“正常”,但战略性地位于对他们意味着冒犯的人的烦恼。


下面,你会发现九个知名舒适的房子 - 其中几个被指定的历史标志 - 从海岸到海岸。在你的树林里有一个内在的栖息地居住吗?

Tyler-Spite House — Frederick, Maryland

Tyler Spite House, Frederick, Maryland
超自然的Spite House:这是困扰的19世纪19世纪居民在国家历史名册上列出。 (照片:Wikimedia Commons)


作为story goes, renowned ophthalmologist and landowner Dr. John Tyler was not pleased when learning of a plan to extend a road straight through one of his parcels. But he had a solution: Local law stated that roads could not be built on land where a building either already existed or was in the process of being built.

And so, in the dead of night, Tyler commenced work on a road-halting new residence — a new residence that the crafty doctor would ultimately never live in. The洛杉矶时报写道:“当道路船员在早上到达时,他们在地上发现了一个洞,他们的道路应该去,工作人员正在建立一个基础。坐在俯视工作的椅子上是恶意,自满的约翰泰勒。“

1990年,庄严的联邦风格的麦克风在112号西方教堂换成了一流的床和早餐物业,被称为泰勒 - Hipite House。虽然建筑物以来换手了几次,目前用作商业办公空间,但它从未能够撼动成为现场的声誉ghostly going-ons:幻影脚步,冷点等。

当然,夜晚颠簸的事情是历史性的B&BS的近乎强制属性;特别是在一个城镇supernaturally activeas Frederick. But one does have to wonder: Is the building haunted by Tyler himself? Is this a case of the dead spook-spiting the living?

Montlake Spite House - 西雅图

Montlake Spite House, Seattle
Holy acrimony: One of Seattle's more unusually shaped homes is rumored to be the handiwork of a vengeful divorcée. (照片:Wikimedia Commons)

Located a hop-skip-and-jump across the Montlake Bridge from the University of Washington, the Spanish Revival bungalow at 2022 24th Ave. E in Seattle doesn’t look all that odd at first glance. Sure, the single-story dwelling is daintier than most of the residences in this affluent lakeside nabe but there's little indication from the front facade that this was a house built to ruffle someone's proverbial feathers.

One look at the structure’s two ends — one 15 feet wide and the other spans a mere 55英寸— and you’ll understand why this address is so locally famous. Awkwardly shaped like a slice of pie, the 860-square-foot home has hit the market a couple of times over the last decade, most recently for a half million dollars in 2016. And each time it goes up for sale, there’sadditional chatter关于它的神秘起源。

以肯定的是,pie-house是什么built in 1925. But things get hazy after that. While some folks give credence to narratives involving vengeful absentee landowners and view-blocking payback, the most circulated backstory tells the tale of a scorned wife who was awarded the front yard of the house that she once shared with her husband as part of a divorce settlement. (He got to keep the house.) So she did what any recently divorced woman would do: She built a tiny sliver of a home in a tiny sliver of yard so that she could still be uncomfortably close to her ex. Of course, none of this — along with the fact that the kitchen issqueezed into the apex of a triangle— was mentioned in the最后官方上市, which refers to the property as a “unique condo alternative" and a "piece of Seattle history."

瘦房子 - 波士顿

Spite House, North End, Boston
兄弟姐妹的行为:44赫尔圣斯的疯狂瘦的住宅是沿波士顿自由踪迹伸展的热门场所。 (Photo: ericodeg/flickr)

距离古老北教堂的石头仅有一箭之遥,人群绘制的Cannoli Emporiums将自由试验线路穿过波士顿北端,您可以找到一个四层居住的住所,占据了城市最窄的家庭的区别。



2017年,波士顿所谓的Skinny House在多年的第一次击中了市场。销售价格为1,166平方英尺的居所?很酷900,000美元。“自1884年以来,人们已经住在房子里,所以人们已经学会了如何生活在每楼不到300平方英尺,”上市代理Eric Shabshel​​owitz向波士顿地球。“这所房子的每一寸都使用;这是一个有趣的事情之一。“他补充说:“我认为可以像这样一个独特的财产,可能从来没有卖掉它的糟糕时间。波士顿发生了很大的发展,但没有像这样的历史建造这样的建筑物。“

Plum Island Pink House — Newburyport, Massachusetts

梅兰岛粉红色的房子,Marblehead Massachusetts
Forlorn landmark: A group of local artists and activists have launched a fight to preserve the iconic Plum Island Pink House. (照片:支持粉红色的房子/ Facebook)


In reality, the story behind the lonely, enigmatic home isn’t all that ghastly. As legend has it, the cupola-topped structure was built in 1922 as part of an unusual — and poorly drafted — divorce agreement that stipulated the husband in the case was required to build his estranged wife an exact replica of the comfortable home that they shared in town as a married couple. But the agreement never specified where the home was to be built. And so, acting out of pure and unadulterated spite, the husband had the home constructed way out on the salt marsh — alone, isolated and cut off from the rest of town without running water or a neighbor for miles. Rude.

如果妻子曾在房子里居住的居住是不明确的。但是North Shore magazineexplains, others did. From 1961 to 2011, it was the full-time — and later seasonal — home to the Stott family before being sold to the Parker River Wildlife Refuge after sitting on the market for a number of years. Since then, the weathered abode has been subject to both a纽约时报发表了情书and a grass roots preservation effort to save it from demolition by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which aims to open up the 9-acre parcel to the public for environmental education purposes.

The USFWS is aware of the haunting rose-hued home's local icon status but also acknowledges that it has to go. But not if the impassioned members of拯救粉红色的房子have anything to say about it.

“在这种罕见的美丽景观中设置了一个空荡荡的房子肯定邀请了想象力 - 而且好奇心,”团队的联合创始人Rochelle Joseph告诉北岸。“简单地说:我们经常撕毁。有意义的事情。有历史的事情。“

奇迹屋 - 纽约弗里波特波特

Spite House,Freeport,纽约
Welcome to Enmity-ville: This rambling Long Island Victorian was constructed just to raise the hackles of another developer. (照片:Wikimedia Commons)

Located just a couple of towns over from America’s most (allegedly)闹鬼的房地产,自由港Hapite House - 也被称为奇迹之家 - 仍然独立为长岛更独特的老房子的南岸之一。(减去圣经苍蝇侵害和发光的幽灵。)

When this grand Victorian spread complete with seven bedrooms and a rocking chair-worthy wraparound porch hit the market in 2014 (asking price: $449,000),新闻日很快就指出了它的顶级销售点和它的事实是明确建立在别人的一方的刺。不是开始建造一个可爱的住宅物业的理想原因,但嘿,它发生了。(并且在19世纪和20世纪初期看起来很多。)

在这种情况下,开发者John J. Randall的Reporport Land Company的粉丝并不是一个由竞争对手的当地开发商提供的整洁和有序网格计划的粉丝。因此,在1906年,他在一个奇怪的三角情节上竖起了一个令人难过的家庭“几乎隔夜”,以努力停止延伸到Lena Avenue的网格之后,现在伪造于左侧而不是继续直接。Randall - 所谓的“Freeport之父”在很大程度上是在新开南侧铁路服务的繁华避暑胜地转变为一个繁华的避暑胜地的曾经困倦的牡蛎钓鱼哨所 - 留下了一个奇怪和不可磨灭的标记,其中一个角度应该是一个正确的角度成为。

平等房屋 - 田斯卡,堪萨斯州

来自Westboro Baptist Church,Topeka,堪萨斯州的平等房子
Acceptance-promoting paint jobs: If you can't kill 'em with kindness, kill 'em with beautiful colors you know they'll hate. (照片:Wikimedia Commons)

Purists may not consider thehighlyvisible rainbow-clad ranch house located at 1200 SW Orleans St. in Topeka to be a true spite house. After all, it wasn’t purpose-built as an architectural middle finger but, rather, decorated to be one later on.

在2013年之前,没有任何恶意 - 或以其他方式特殊 - 关于这种适度的木材庇护。要清楚,“怨恨”是一个强大的词,原因是为什么房子 - 现在被称为平等房子- 就像一袋烟草一样删除。就像一个标准的Spite House,在这种情况下,在这种情况下,在这种情况下,在这种情况下,在这种情况下直接抵达。然而,它已经没有愤怒或恶意,因为平等房子是“同情,和平与积极变化的象征”。只要照顾熊盯着,而且有两间卧室和一个独立的车库就像是一样的。

有问题的邻居是韦斯伯勒施洗教堂,反LGBTQ仇恨小组纠正了抢夺着顶级厌恶症状的葬礼。平等房屋是作为非营利性人道主义组织的总部种植和平的总部,是一种永久性的反抗议,其响亮而非常自豪的油漆作用作为美学氪石。为了进一步拖无恐怖的邻居,种植和平在草坪上举办了拖延和同性恋婚礼。由于慷慨的捐助者的帮助,该组织直接购买了家庭隔壁,涂上了蓝色,粉红色和白色 - 2016年的变性骄傲国旗的颜色。

McCobb Spite House — Rockport, Maine

McCobb Spite House,缅因州
家庭戏剧:一个由海上队长建造的壮举的房子,以便为自己的家人进行一次,McCobb House于1925年搬迁。 (照片:Wikimedia Commons)


In 1806, sea captain Thomas McCobb returned home to the town of Phippsburg only to find that he’d been betrayed by his own (second) stepmother who, in his absence, violated the written will of family patriarch, James McCobb, and claimed the expansive family homestead for her family, the Hills. Instead of packing his bags and never looking back, the ousted heir decided to build an even larger and grander Federal-style mansion right next door that would literally overshadow the family home co-opted by his stepmother and step-siblings. In an ironic twist, Thomas McCobb never married or produced any heirs — when he died, ownership of his colonial manse was transferred to the very people he built it to spite.

到20世纪初,MCCOBB SPITE在延长的衰退和面临拆迁时遭受了遭受的损失。1925年,来自费城的历史悠久的房子鸽友唐纳德道奇,通过将它迁至北方85英里来挽救了家庭via barge到了当前在沿海镇洛克波特的死亡点的地区。一旦他的新收购抵达Rockport并在新的基础上占据了新的基础,躲避延长了原始的结构,并委托精心建造的花园,以获得认可The Cultural Landscape Foundation。The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

老Hipite House - Marblehead,Massachusetts

Old Spite House, Marblehead, Massachusetts
哦,兄弟:虽然它的起源故事变得各种各样,但这座300岁的贫穷房子长期以来一直与敌人的兄弟姐妹有关。 (照片:Wikimedia Commons)


仍然站在奥克斯街和天然气局巷的交叉点,旧的Spite House日期返回1716年 - 根据最受欢迎的几种不同的传说 - 它由当地赛马罗伯特伍德为两个(某些版本要求三)撒布兄弟雇用为当地渔民。正如故事所说,兄弟们互相遭到困扰,以至于他们在房子的单独部分居住,包括以10英尺多的补充,似乎遵循了障碍其他兄弟的唯一目的意见。


蛋糕屋 - 康涅狄格州Gaylordsville

A cake-shaped spite house in Gaylordsville, Connecticut
让他们看看蛋糕:在康涅狄格州农村康涅狄格州的这种交通暂停的房子被抗议,以抗议的不公正行为。 (照片:Wikimedia Commons)

康涅狄格州风景如画的Litchfield County的一个小村庄,Gaylordsville是一个安静而难以解释的地方,奇怪或炫耀结构跳出你。好吧,一个值得注意的例外。

Gaylordsville Hapite House - 更好地称为蛋糕房屋 - 由一系列堆叠的盒子组成,它与五层婚礼蛋糕一起传递相似之处。作为新闻时代wrote in 2009, the story behind the unusual structure is a rather sad and sordid one involving a Polish émigré named Jan Pol who built it as a “monument to injustice” after state authorities claimed custody of his teenage foster daughter and her newborn baby in the early 1960s. Local hearsay claimed that Pol himself was the father of the 15-year-old’s child although Pol went as far to self-publish a book to deny any such rumors. He never faced criminal charges.

“他写了这本书,以消除令人讨厌的谣言,”Gaylordsville历史记者理查德·科西尔向新闻时间解释了。“他们是否准确无误,谁说?你和10名不同的人交谈,你得到了10个不同的版本。这就是它与历史如何的方式。”至于蛋糕屋,Kosier认为没有人和他的妻子所包括 - 实际上生活在其中,它只为愤怒的建筑眼睛在另一种统一的新英格兰镇上提供了致力的作用。