What's Wrong with Chicken?


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Chickens and Animal Rights

杀死和吃包括一只鸡的动物违反了动物没有虐待和剥削的权利。该动物权利立场is that it is wrong to use animals, regardless of how well they are treated prior toor during slaughter.

Factory Farming - Chickens and Animal Welfare

animal welfare positiondiffers from the animal rights position in that people who support animal welfare believe that using animals is not wrong, as long as the animals are treated well.

工厂化养殖,现代筹集牲畜的现代制度,是人们去素食的经常被引用的原因。由于动物的痛苦,许多支持动物福利反对工厂养殖。每年在美国的工厂农场上提出超过80亿肉鸡鸡。虽然蛋饲养母鸡被留在电池笼,肉鸡鸡是谁提出for meat - are raised in crowded barns. Broiler chickens and laying hens are different breeds; the former having been bred to gain weight quickly and the latter having been bred to maximize egg production.

A typical barn for broiler chickens might be 20,000 square feet and house22,000 to 26,000 chickens, which means there is less than one square foot per bird. The crowding facilitates the rapid spread of disease, which can lead to an entire flock being killed to prevent an outbreak. In addition to the confinement and crowding, broiler chickens have been bred to grow so large so quickly, they experience joint problems,leg deformities, and heart disease. The birds are slaughtered when they are six or seven weeks old, and if allowed to grow older, often die of heart failure because their bodies are too large for their hearts.

杀人方法对某些动物倡导者来说也是一个问题。美国最常见的屠宰方法是电动固定屠宰方法,其中活着,有意识的鸡在钩子上倒置并浸入电气化的水浴中,以在喉咙之前扼杀它们。有些人认为其他杀戮方法,如controlled atmosphere stuning, are more humane to the birds.

To some, the solution to factory farming is raising backyard chickens, but as explained below, backyard chickensuse more resourcesthan factory farms and the chickens are still killed in the end.


Raising chickens for meat is inefficient because它需要五磅的谷物to produce a single pound of chicken meat. Feeing that grain directly to people is much more efficient and uses far fewer resources. Those resources include the water, land, fuel, fertilizer, pesticides and time required to grow, process and transport the grain so that it could be used as chicken feed.

与养鸡相关的其他环境问题包括甲烷的生产和粪便。与其他牲畜一样,生产甲烷,这是一个温室气体,有助于气候变化。虽然鸡肉粪便可以用作肥料,处置和适当的粪肥管理is a problembecause there is often more manure than can be sold as fertilizer and the manure pollutes the groundwater as well as the water that runs off into lakes and streams and causes algae blooms.

Allowing chickens to roam free in a pasture or back yard requires even more resources than factory farming. Obviously more land is needed to give the chickens space, but also more feed is needed because a chicken running around a yard is going to burn more calories than a confined chicken. Factory farming is popular because, despite its cruelty, it is the most efficient way to raise billions of animals per year.

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该main organization advocating for chickens in the United States isUnited Poultry Concerns,成立于Karen Davis. Davis' book exposing the poultry industry, "囚禁鸡,中毒鸡蛋" is available on theUPC website.